Using your Android Phone as a Webcam

Everyone has a Smart Phone readily available with powerful cameras that rival the best webcams on the market, but how do you use those powerful cameras as a webcam? We’ve listed some Free and Paid options below! The Free Ways: 1. Using an IP Webcam App There are a couple of apps available on the […]

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Great Starter Hardware

Looking to get started and unsure of what to buy to get the best quality per dollar spent? Webcams Microphones Softwares Webcams The Best of the Best Logitech’s C92X series of webcams are undoubtedly the best webcam on the market without breaking the bank. You’re looking at about CAD $115 for the Logitech C920. You […]

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Getting Started…

The first step of getting into streaming is identifying your audience and platforms. What will you be streaming? Video Games? Talk Shows? Podcasts? Events? Music? Where will you be streaming? Twitch? YouTube? Facebook? Vimeo? UStream? Once you’ve identified those two essential items, you’ll need the equipment to get started. There are a lot of options, […]

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